are penthouse magizines apropriate for a 16 yr old boy


Ev - posted on 04/26/2016




Actually, he should really not have that but he is a teen boy and he is going to be curious and want to know what things are where this is concerned. I had a long talk with my son around this age about magazines, things online, and movies where you see this kind of thing. I told him it is degrading to women and they do not get respect because of it. I told him it was natural to be curious at his age but to look at those nude photos or pornographic images was just not right. Those women are someone's sister, mother, aunt, cousin, best friend, wife, and the list could go on. I asked him how he would feel if he opened a magazine and found a photo of his sister, me, cousins, aunt, or other female family members in there? What would he think? It gives him something to think about after that. Besides that, most places its not legal anymore to sell magazines to minors....I would ask where he got it.


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Dove - posted on 04/26/2016




Porn isn't 'appropriate' for anyone. I'd be having a discussion w/ him about how these images give a false portrayal of women and victimize them. Yes, teens are curious, but that doesn't make it acceptable viewing.

Lauren - posted on 04/25/2016




today when my son clay was at school i was cleaning his room and found and was curious to see if other mother thaught if it is somthing i should leave alone or discuss with him?

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