Are teenage years the hardest?

Aimee - posted on 03/12/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a mother of three. 2 of my kids are teenagers. From what I've learned and experienced, it seems that teenage years are very difficult and overwhelming. A person is transitioning from childhood to adolescence, finding out who they are, growing mentally, physically, and emotionally, trying new things, entering high school, dating, puberty and etc. It's an uncertain time in a person's life. Your life is changing in so many ways. A lot of adults feel that teenagers are bitchy and don't understand the pressure that some of them have from their peers.

Depression is very high in teens, and they sometimes feel as though adults don't understand them. Teenage years are very distressing. Adults don't have as much pressure on them to be a certain way or act a certain way as teens do. Going through puberty and becoming your own person can be challenging. Technically, teenagers are not children in a sense. But they are still treated as if they are, which can be humiliating. I want to know how other moms feel about this?


Jodi - posted on 03/13/2015




I agree that teenage years are years of a lot of change and turmoil, but the extent of that is often dependent on the child and often, how they have been parented. In my experience, the of teens who have the highest levels of depression and anxiety come from homes where there are issues, whereas teens who seem to be the best adjusted come from very stable homes, have good self-esteem and a good sense of self, and have consistent and predictable lives. That doesn't mean some children from these homes don't experience difficult teenage years, because there are some who do, for all sort of reasons. But there are things parents can do to help make those teenage years much less stressful.

With regard to treating them like children, with teens, it is important that how we treat them is linked to their behaviour. If you are going to behave like a child, you will be treated like one, but if you can show that you can make some good mature choices, then absolutely this should be respected and nurtured. Technically, they actually ARE still children (I disagree with you on that one), but I don't know anyone who treats a 14 year old like they do a 10 year old. And neither do they treat their 17 year old like their 14 year old. So I'm not quite sure what you are getting at there. As they grow older and develop in their maturity, we also treat them differently.

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