Are their any mom that no not live with their kids full time?

Lila - posted on 05/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi this is so hard for me but i need some help in this. I divorced my ex husband in 2009 and when we divorced we still owned our business and had a house so because i left him he got the house and business and because of this the judge gave the kids to him because i was working a lower paying job and in a apartment but still in the same town. since then i have meet someone new and married and have another baby. my ex has turned my older two kids against me because i have changed my life and religion since i was with him and he doesn't agree with my new life style. it is not like i am putting my kids in danger or anything i am just choosing to live the way that makes me happy. anyways he has told my kids that their baby sister is not their sister and has confused them about my new husband. i am currently out of country for the last year because i have been stuck here trying to get out and during this time i feel i am losing my kids i miss them so much i have gone home to visit once only for 8 days because i couldn't leave my baby with her father that long she is breastfeed . anyways can anyone help me how to deal with my ex and kids and new husband how do i get my kids to understand i love them no matter what. how do i tell them nothing has changed i am still their mother and want to be with them it just hurts me to see my kids in so much pain.


Michelle - posted on 06/01/2012




My heart goes out to you. When I left my ex husband I had to leave the boys as well. I was the every 2nd weekend parent for 6 months and it hurt. I fought to get 50/50 shared care (not through the court system though).

It took a while for my ex to accept that we were never getting back together. I was single for 5 years before I met my current husband and we now have a 2yo girl. I still do 50/50 shared care with the boys and sometimes it can be quite a juggling act.

I really don't have any advice on what you can do when you're living out of the country. All I can say is hopefully the children will realize that their Father is telling them a lot of lies and they will see the truth soon.

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