are there and dvd's for toddlers about behavior? don't hit or push?

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i am wondering if there are any fun dvd's addressing toddler behavior for my son to watch. this is not in lieu of the books we have, this is in addition to. he seems to respond to the songs and fun characters at this stage in the videos more than books. he is very active and at this stage does not sit long enough for me to get through a book.


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Have you tried making up your own songs? There is nothing that works better, however, than an immediate consequence for hitting or pushing. Toddlers have no impulse control, so they will hit or push other children. When that happens they need an immediate removal from the situation, a time out and a firm "we don't hit, push, etc." It will take a lot of consistency for them to get the idea that its in their best interest not to do those things. When a child is behaving, then reinforcement with a song or rhyme is a good thing. I'm not a fan of DVD's or screen time for toddlers under the age of 2 because the images go so fast and it hinders the formation of brain connections that are necessary for later focus.

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