are there any grandmothers raising grandkids and how are you all adjusting


Victoria - posted on 11/01/2012




I am 51 and have custody of my granddaugter she is a sweet 9 year old girl who is emotionally drained from her parents actions, i am having a hard time getting her on a schedule as she has never been on one. homework, chores , keeping her room clean, a bedtime i know there are plenty of grandparents who are raising thier grandkids for one reason or another im not looking to discuss the parents but how to mke these changes with love, tough love, patients, what has worked for you what hasnt she is also having a problem with me for i am walking the line of used to be fun granny to mom who has to discipline and make sure homework etc are done we have a loving and open relationship to talk , she is starting to really show signs of puberty that we have been talking about we talk about a schedual we have wrote it down but i cant seem to get her to do it any advice welcome

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