Are there any other moms that has suffered through depression?

Naira - posted on 10/21/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I felt very overwhelmed and alone. My son is almost 2 months and i am still dealing with it. I also have nursing issues so i was pumping for weeks and now i feeding both. It was sad not be able to breastfeed. Its comforting to know there other mothers who might be going through same issues,


MaryAnn - posted on 10/21/2015




I had issues with oversupply and forceful letdown. My baby could not cope-couldnt swallow fast enough. I found not only could I snag a little extra shut eye, but my husband really enjoyed the bonding time. Its hard to accept or even ask for the help- but it may be there to relieve you from being overwhelmed.
Try to get out of the house every day. Even for a short walk. Maybe visit parents/siblings/grandparents/friends for a bit. U know its hard... Im dealing with that too. Sometimes I feel like the hardest part is opening my mouth to share my unmet needs.
Most importantly... Talk to your doctor. Ppd can become a very serious problem very quickly.

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