Are there single mothers out there thriving to survive?

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I enjoy writing books about inspiration and faith. I have been single for 23 years. I was married young 19 years old pregnant with twin girls, one with disability In 1981 and married again in 1992 pregnant with my son at 29. Shortly after a few years each one became a divorce. Without a choice leaving my first emotional abusive husband then my second Physically abusive husband, going forward with my children to Thrive and Survive without a choice and unknown future without ever having a Father in my life made my decisions for men horribly wrong and uneducated decisions. I loved my children and that's what I knew and how I tried to followed what was right or wrong. Staying focused on my children for what made me thrive.

I could never imagine not being able to make that choice to have the knowledge from raising my children on my own in the 1990's. Having my son tell me years later to tell my story to the world so I could help single parents from across the Globe that its possible to thrive and survive in the most difficult times. I can say my children were my heroes then, and now as they so proudly helped me remember stories I thought I forgot as I began writing in 2005. Published in 2011. I am real, so is my story....... Listen and feel love. Help support single family homes......

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