are we women programed to want a second child?

Anna - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




this is the question i ask myself daily. i had a difficult birth with my daughter and though she was an easy baby i was adamant one child was enough. it wasnt the birth so much that made me reach that decision. i had one healthy baby and she was all i needed. seeing friends of mine who had two or more children and watching their kids fighting put me off having a second even more!

my daughter will be three end of september. needless to say, she is not a baby anymore. and over the last few months i have started to think having a second is not such a bad idea. IF i were to have a second i would want to start trying now because i wouldnt want my kids too far apart. i see babies and i get so clucky. sometimes i decide 'tomorrow im going to get IUD removed and get this thing started!' but then i ask myself do i want another child or is it just human nature to want to reproduce once your other child(ren) reaches a certain age? the idea of having a second is really tugging at me...but is this something all women go through?!?

(am not asking if i should have another child or not btw...that monster decision is up to me lol)


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Yes! I think we are genetically programmed to get clucky once our youngest is no longer a baby. It is our DNA saying "make more descendents!"

It doesn't mean we have to follow our instinct though!

We have 3 kids and that's just what we wanted, but when other people tell me they want a third, I always tell them to think carefully because it really does add to your work/stress loads!

Michelle - posted on 08/09/2012




I think in a way we are programmed to have more than 1. It makes sense to have enough children to replace the parents when they pass.

I was also adamant after my 2nd that I wasn't going to have any more. I even told my husband when I met him that if he wanted any of his own to find someone else. When my 2nd was about 5 and in school I got really clucky again and I now have a 2.5yo girl!

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