Are you an eco-friendly Mom?

Denise - posted on 08/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




If you are an eco-friendly mom or want to learn more about being eco-friendly please join my new group called Eco-Friendly Moms. It is a group to share tips and idea and also learn about how to be more eco-friendly. Come on over and intoduce yourself and share what you are doing to save our planet and your health. Look forward to meeting you there.


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Bobbieann - posted on 01/12/2012




In today's world, most of us are becoming more knowledgeable about the toxic chemicals in our household and personal care products. However big companies coming out with "greener" products have made it extremely difficult to convert our homes because the prices for safer products are outrageous! It's hard enough to buy organic food, much less go green in our homes.

What if I told you there was a manufacturer who produced "green" products that worked better, were more effective and much safer than Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, etc and were even less expensive!!

What if that store allowed you to buy direct from them at their wholesale prices online or via a catalog to avoid hiking up prices to pay for retailers, advertising, etc?

What if that store had a rebate that offered you a "thank you" cash back program just for shopping with them?

What if that store was so big that they were able to offer you discount deals with other national retailers?

What if that store was so big that they had discounts on thier shipping so that you weren't paying more for shipping than for the actual item itself (now we all know what that feels like!! )

What if that store delivered right to your doorstep?

Would you be the least bit curious and interested?

Contact me for more information.

Denise - posted on 08/21/2010




Hi Deanna, Your post gave me a chuckle. I appreciate you being honest. I love that! I guess alot of people have been trying to sell you or get you to sell something. Sorry about that. Not everyone wants to go chemical free and thats ok. I wasn't chemical free until my father passed away at 63 of cancer. Thats when I started doing research and found out how harmful the chemicals in our home are to our health. I use electricity too. LOL I do try to turn lights out in the rooms that I am not in, etc etc. I also do use water whenever I want because they charge me for it anyways! Blooming water company!!! I do recycle everything I can also. Every little thing that someone does to be eco-friendly counts. I would say you are're a beginner! thanks for being honest.

[deleted account]

no I am not. I use chemicals to clean with and I use electricity, and water whenever I want.
I do recycle EVERYTHING that I can and we do other little things that help our environment.
Oh and no I don't really want to get away from my chemical use while cleaning either. sorry. yes I know the pros and cons. yes I know and have heard it all. sorry still not interested in selling it or buying it though.

good luck and god bless

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