Are YOU protective of your kids?

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I'm a 14 YO autistic teenage girl and my mom is really protective of me. (I know I'm not supposed to be on this site since I'm not a parent) but I'm wondering if I may be one of the only teens with a parent who worries a lot. :/ I'm not allowed to wear any kind of clothing that reveals any part of my body - that involves crop tops, short shirts, really revealing bikinis, anything that will expose my bra, etc. but I see other girls in my grade wearing those in 8th grade! I'm also not allowed to dye my hair or wear makeup besides lip gloss, nail polish, and maybe really light lipsticks. I live in a part of Canada where students start high school a year early and ever since I got into high school, my mom has been warning me about drugs and alcohol because some kids in my high school do drugs and party a lot. I know that parents do love us and want us to be safe but I know well enough not to go anywhere without my parent's permission and there will be consequences for actions. So I'm wondering if I'm one of the few teens whose mom will be overprotective of her throughout her teenage/high school years because lots of other teenagers are allowed to do things that I'm not allowed to you let your 14 YO date, wear makeup, wear a piece of clothing that will expose his/her body, etc?? (Or did you let them when they were at my age?)


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Honey--All your questions are good ones but you have to understand that from a mom or even dad's point of view it is their job to be protective of you. From your post she isn't over-protective of you. The clothing issue is one I agree with as teens so not need to dress in a provocative manner because it does nothing but make people thing lots of things about the girl wearing them that are not always true. It does not look good for another thing. Dying hair at your age ruins it and is not necessary. Make up is the same thing...not really necessary. I was 16 before I could wear too much of it myself. And she should be talking to you about drugs and alcohol. It is an ongoing thing where it comes to raising kids and teens. It is our job to do that regardless of you being autistic or not. These issues are also ones other girls and boys face with their parents that are not autistic. My daughter was not allowed to wear those kinds of clothing and she thought that it was horrid because the girls looked so bad in the styles. My son did not like the fashion of the teen boys his age wearing their pants hanging off their bums. He did not do it. My kids were modest. My son is not much older than you either. Revealing clothing is for adults not kids.


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Your mom sounds like an excellent mom. I'm sure you want your freedom and to do what you want... but try and remember that you are her baby and she just wants to keep you safe.

My 14 year old girls do wear more revealing clothes (though a LOT less revealing than so many teens these days... because they are modest as well)... but we kind of have a different sort of culture here and for them it is all about comfort... not the look. They really don't care about make up. I am OK w/ it on special occasions, but if they wanted to wear it daily I would strongly object as make up isn't 'necessary' for anyone. As for dating... hell no. Not under 16. My teens are smart though and the kids their age that are dating, doing drugs, and/or having sex... are all the kids that my girls think are idiots. They know there is plenty of time in life for a boyfriend... Life now is all about school, friends, and fun (like sports).

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We are moms. Thats what we do. We only do it be cause we care about you and want the very best for our children. The makeup is one thing but it's totally up to your Mon as to when you start wearing it. As for the clothing... I agree with her. When my daughter becomes old enough she will not be wearing anything that exposes her body parts either no matter what other kids he age are doing. Hoped that helped honey. Remember your moms just trying to protect you.

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You rmom is very caring doing the things that moms should be doing. In time, you will have more leeway to do more and will recall how "old fashion" you mom may have been and you will love her more for it. Everything comes with time. This is a mom's role. You will too someday. You seem like an intelligent articulate youg lady-everything indicating that your mom is grooming you on the right path for success.

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