As a mom what do we do if we dont make the right choices whill our children survive

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I turned a blind eye on my 11 year old taking someones sandles at a water park. i felt so horrible that i made him get rid of them and then talked to him about why it was ok to do that but i feel responsible for it as i didnt stop it. todays society makes it so difficult as a single parent to afford what other kids have and he just wants to fit in and have what others have. i dont know how to change what happen or what to say to him to make sure it never happens again as demands become greater.


Ariana - posted on 07/21/2013




So did you watch him take them and let him, and then make him put them back, or are you saying you let him take the sandles and said it was ok?

Either way I would talk to him and tell him that stealing is NOT okay, even when you want to fit in, even when you don't have what other people have. You can't excuse stealing because 'he wanted it', we all want things we can't have! It's a lesson we all have to learn eventually.

I would speak to him and tell him you are really disappointed that he did that. If he does get some sort of allowance I would tell him that he won't have it for the next two weeks (or whatever). I would also explain that if this happens again he will bring whatever he took straight back to wherever he had taken it from and will suffer severe consequences.

I may be confused about what you said exactly, but if you were somehow ok with this or encouraged it somehow I would tell him that was a mistake on your part and it's not going to happen again.

It may also be a good idea to make him go volunteer somewhere. A lot of animal shelters have groups for children to volunteer. It might be a good lesson for him about being thankful for what he has. With kids being involved in something, like volunteering, tends to have more of an effect then just talking about it, where they take it in and it's out of their head the next moment.

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