as i'm suffering with depression can my son's father go for full full custody


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Jayne - posted on 01/31/2013




I av told my parents and my son's father to help me out with looking after my son at the moment as I have recently started to take the medication for the depression but now my ex(the father of my son) said I shouldn't av custody of my son as I am suffering with depression, which is now making me more depressed, I love my son and would never harm or neglect, only asked my ex and parents to get involved for my son's sake as I don't know what these medications are going to make me feel like

Dove - posted on 01/31/2013




If you are managing your depression (with or without counseling or meds) and your children are well cared for... there is no reason in the world why depression should cause you to lose custody of your kids. Can he go for full custody? Of course he can, but will he win.....? Not based JUST on the fact that you suffer from depression. He would have to prove that the children are in danger or are being neglected because of it and if you have evidence to prove that they are safe and well cared for.... You, most likely, will not lose your kids.... unless you have an idiot judge.

Many, many, many people deal with depression and are still excellent parents.

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