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Patricia - posted on 09/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter has angry outbursts is uneder a neurologist for investigation she has difficulty with coping at school is obsessive lines up cars and has just started senior school and despite strategies to help her transition she has been unableto cope and has now beend excluded and they are talking about a school for naughjty children. She is not naughty but is unbable to controll her emotions and her behaviour. She said that she wants to be normal. She has difficulty reading body language and sustaining friends. The neurologist has asked for a full assessment but as yet education have declined. How can i get an assessment and some support. She can be a caring child but seems to be unable to conrtol her emotions. I cannot even take her into a supermarket shoping she cannot stand crowds. The recent episode at school in volved many individuals which freaked her out. She cannot always remember the outursts and you cannot reason with her until she is calm. How can I get an assessment I am convinced that she has something wrong possibly aspbergers. She is 11. She started periods at 8 and from that time these episodes started. She flaps, twirls, has a facial tic and is obsessed with a particular computer game and will shut off and isolate herself. She wants to make friends but has difficulty sustaining.


Katherine - posted on 09/21/2012




So the neurologist has diagnosed, or not? But the school doesn't see it as a problem? Sounds like autism or aspbergers to me! You are on the right path. Keep persisting.

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