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Leslie Susan - posted on 01/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Is it true that pregnant women usually crave food that they never used to like because I am now craving peanut butter and apples like crazy when I used to never like before and can pregnancy happen a few months after having a tubal if your protection bursts on you and your man? I have also been very moody and cranky for no apparent reason and I tire very easily too. Does these symptoms actually mean that I am pregnant again? Please help me out ladies and thank you.


Cecilia - posted on 01/17/2013




The reason we craze certain foods is to make up for things our bodies lack (because the babies are leeching it out of us) So craving food can mean you're lacking minerals. Try taking vitamins if this is the case.

As far as tubal litigation goes, they do have a failure rate. The rate depends on how it was done. Was it cut? burned? rings? How long ago was it done?

My doctor told me after my tubal not to have sex without protection for 8 weeks.(she also said 4 weeks should be fine but she suggest 8) She said that depending on when the last period was, the body may have already released an egg. That egg is already past the tubes where it's being tied, thus it can be fertilized.

If you mean a tubal pregnancy, then yea it can happen again soon as your body starts it's period back up.

Honestly if you think you might be pregnant, go get a test and see. No one will know simply by listing this stuff, not even a doctor.

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