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Amber - posted on 04/18/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Please, do not take this as an insult, but as a helpful suggestion.

If you are asking for advice, please provide all important details. When a mom asks for advice without including details, responses will be given based on the amount of information that we have, which might not be the same advice that we would give if we knew everything. It also seems to annoy the person asking for advice because they aren't hearing what they want to hear.

This is a place for us to help each other, but we can't do it without all of the facts :)


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Carolyn - posted on 04/18/2011




thank god, I was about ready to make a post like this !!!

Should be in the community guidelines.

and dont bitch about us not knowing the whole story if you dont give it to us. - kills me everytime.

Firebird - posted on 04/18/2011




Also if you get advice you don't want to hear, don't automatically dismiss it and call it "judgemental", look at it from another angle, because 9 times out of 10 someone's really just trying to help you. =)

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