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My son is 18 months old, however, his 5 year old half brother just got diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. My sons father has brought it to my attention that our son is doing the same things that his brother use to do when he was 18 months old. I have looked at many different sites to read on things but everything just goes in a circle. I can never get a straight answer from doing this and its becoming very nerve racking. I am starting to have many questions that I can't find answers too. As I look at my son and try to compare them to other children his age somethings are a little off. He doesn't like to engage in activities with other children when I take him to the park he only plays with his siblings. I have tried to put him in the sand box and when his feet hit the sand he started to cry. He hates to have socks and shoes on or any kind of clothes he rather just run around naked even his diaper he tries to take off. As far as trying to potty train him he doesn't have any interest in it at all. Is my son too early to diagnose? Are these signs of aspergers/ autism? What can I do as a mother to make sure my son gets the proper treatment? These are just some of my unanswered questions. Can someone please help me so i'm not so much a nervous wreck?


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I have 2 kids with autism. My first was autistic, and we didn't get it confirmed until he was 3 although he had regressed at 21 months old and we knew something was wrong. Our second son was following the same path and we had him tested for autism very young - negative. We found out later he was deaf and it was mimicking it! He had surgery to correct his ear canals, and speech therapy, and continued on fairly well until our third son started struggling. We had our second evaluated again and it was anxiety, which fit completely, again mimicking autism. Our third son was evaluated as well at the same time, and was also autistic.

I can fully understand your fear. All I can suggest is to request an evaluation for therapy services through the school and at the clinic if he's showing delays, and wait until he's over 2 years old and schedule an appointment for once he's 36 months old at least at a reliable autism clinic that involves several specialists in a thorough evaluation for autism and related disorders. Having a diagnosis younger does not necessarily mean a child has autism, simply because autistic traits are part of typical development under 36 months old and can mimic it, and having a diagnosis ruled out under 36 months old may also be inaccurate. Studies have shown that 36 months is truly the best age - most accurate for diagnosis plus young enough to truly benefit from autism specific therapy.

Last - is it possible he's seeing and copying some of the behavior of your older child?

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Hi, I used to be a teachers aide and have worked tih autistic and aspergers children aged 4-12 years. Very few drs will even consider acessing a child at 18mths. My 3yr old used only play alone, and to this day would rather be naken, and on hot days will some times just take his clothes off. It is possible that it is your child's personalilty, ie, being a bit shy, or not liking shoes etc.

That said, I used to work with a boy who was diagnosed with sensory intergration disorder, which is on the spectrum. He was a sociable child, once he knew you, and other then some developmental delays in potty training, and eating you wouldn't really tell. His mother knew something was wrong from about 13mths she said (I met this child when he was 3 and was still undiagnosed), and she took him to lots of specailist who told her that he was fine just a little behind, or a little fussy (we later learned that he would only eat food that was white!), and he would out grow it with time and structure.

You know your child better than anyone. If you think something is up check it out.

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