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any body out there have a baby that the doctor thinks has asthma i have it and just found out today that my lil girl might to i feel like its my fault, pretty upset and just dont no


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Danica - posted on 05/07/2009




It's not your fault...People get asthma probably due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors....You should ask the doctor to determine the severity of your daughter's asthma so that the doctor can choose the best treatment...Here are some tips that may help...1. Use your air conditioner. 2. Decontaminate your decor. 3. Keep indoor air clean. 4. Reduce pet dander. 5. Clean Regularly.

Sue - posted on 05/06/2009




Hi there! Oh my gosh, if your child has asthma, (and if your child is an infant, it may be too early to say it is asthma, by the way!) first of all, it is not the end of the world. Millions of people have this, (my 24 year old son was born wheezing!) and they live long, happy, fulfilling lives. Please do not despair. I have been down this road and still deal with a now 24 year old who will walk out the door with out his epi pen (he also has severe, food allergies) and makes me crazy.

I can tell you to see a pediatric allergist with your baby soon. Some children have respiratory issues and it goes away after about a year. Some continue and then it can be considered to be asthma. Sometimes the formula, breast milk, or introducing foods that can be the part of the problem. A dietary change may be all that is needed.

I adopted both of my children and when our oldest was born, he had severe wheezing, and food allergies that were so severe that I was afraid to feed him. I got in touch with at the time "the MA report" or Mothers of Asthmatics, run by Nancy Sanders. Nancy was just starting out with this newsletter as her daughter had worse allergies than my son...multiple food allergies and hard to handle asthma. I believe that it is now called something else, I will check for it and post again for you. Nancy is one of this countries leading advocates for children with asthma and food allergies. Read all you can and definitely see a pediatric allergist. My life was difficult in the beginning learning to cook without dairy and a few other things that he has since "outgrown", or now is able to eat, but he is a bright, educated, healthy young man with a great future.

Please do not despair. Educate yourself and question the doctor and find out all you can on this for your child. My direct email is Help is always available from someone who has been there.


Dana - posted on 05/06/2009




It's not your fault! My son starting having asthma symptoms around 8 months, but our pediatrician kept saying "kids get colds" and not addressing the issue. He wasn't diagnosed until almost 2 1/2! It took a pediatrician switch, but we were so relieved to know what was going on with our son and then to have a plan on how to fix it.

A lot of times kids can outgrow asthma. Know that there are lots of parents with kids who have asthma out there, and you're not alone. Hang in there, and see if you can find a good asthma/allergy doctor so you can make sure your baby gets really good treatment! Good Luck!

Lisa - posted on 05/06/2009




It is NOT your fault. I understand, I have asthma as well and can imagine your worry. As a person who suffers from this you already have so much knowlegde to help your little girl to cope with asthma such as how to avoid enviroments that can be triggers such as dust, perfumes, chemical, smoke and pet dander etc. Continue to see the doctor to find out for sure if she has it and take one day at a not blame yourself, is not your fault.

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