Astma, food allergy, broncitis and lungs infection by 1 y.o. boy. Any experience with that?

Veronica - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, we would like to get to know parents with kids who has problems with astma and food allergy. When Daniel was born after few weeks we have heard a whistlening sound when he was breething. But doc said that it's normal by babies because the air tubes are not developed yet. We have waited til he became 5 month old and has got his first breething problems. He was putten in the hospital for few day with adrenalin treatment. Then we found out that he has egg allergy and reflux. Of course, if some doctors could get suspecious and made an allergy test much earlier, may be he wouldn't have an astma today. As medications he takes inhalations with Ventoline and Flutide. And now when winter has begun our son is sick most of the time with broncitis and lungs infections. He's puking after every meal or during feeding. We are exhausted!!! We can't even make vaccination against the flu, because we have 3-4 days in between, before new sickness occures again. Does anyone has the same problem? How do you treat your child? We would be thankful for any responce or advice. Congratulations with 1 year Birthday of your little pressious one =)


Shannon - posted on 01/28/2010




Hi, Me and my 2 kids(now 4 and 7 )have asthma. This treatment plan is very common and my kids are the very same way in the winter, when they are in school or just in general exposed to more viruses due to being indoors more, The ventolin works to open the airways and is a rescue med and I am assuming that Flutide is a steroid- mine have always been on Pulmicort. The steroid works to keep the airways open and keep inflamation down. The problem with steriod is that they will suppress the immune system so it is hard for a little persons young immune system to fight off disease. One of my sons still throws up all the time because of his asthma, we haven't found anything to combat this yet, but make sure that you do not sbruptly take them off of steroids as this can cause illness. I don't know if you have a pediatrician or a family doctor but make sure you are going to an alergy asthma specialist, they can help the most. The other thing you can do is contact your Children's hospital if you have one and see if there is a specialist there and any studies . It is so hard to be giving all of these drugs to your little one, I feel your pain, but as far as I know the best and most common controller med for peds patients is Pulmicort. Good luck and you can contact me if you have any questions

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