At 6 months should i leave the dad?

Christina - posted on 06/24/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey moms! i have a 6 year old boy and expecting a girl in 3 months. my sons father is not in his life and i haven't really dated due to school and finding a career. Well i decided to try online dating and met a guy who wasn't really my type but he showed us tons of attention, was eager to spend time with us and we both shared the same family values. About a year into the relationship we decided to move in together with promises of supporting each other in every way. Literally as soon as we signed the lease he lost his job.He wasn't looking for new jobs and was sleeping all day while i worked 2 jobs and took care of my son. 6 months later i found out i was pregnant and he started a new job, i cosigned on a car with him so he could access work easier. A few weeks later he quit his job. He continued to sleep all day, eat all the food, leave a mess, does not help as much with my son and finds excuses not to spend time with us, yet finds time to hang with friends. We haven't been on a date in MONTHS. I try to express how im feeling about it and he promises to do better but they're just words at this point...i really think he doesn't care. Am i right to feel like our relationship is hopeless and hes using me? or is this just my hormones making me overreact. As of right now, im done with this relationship but im scared to raise two kids alone.


Michelle - posted on 06/25/2016




I would first suggest couples counselling. He may actually listen more if there is a 3rd person around.
Let him know that things really have to change and if he doesn't want to work on the relationship then you are done. You have your unborn child to think about and he needs to step up and be a responsible Father.

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