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Anna - posted on 08/31/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




We are going on 3 years (Jan)since my husband passed. I have felt out of control since his diagnosis 3 yrs ago (Sept). When I finally feel like we're all meshing up and finally gaining some ground it's like we get thrown back down the rabbit hole of darkness. I am having a huge issue with disrespect in the house. No amount of punishment is helping at this point and I'm frustrated. I admit, I have not been generous with my words, in fact, I have said some hurtful things, immediately apologized and have been working hard not to do that again, but some days it is the only thing I feel like works to get them to stop fighting or being it's all backfiring. I start off with nice mommy, please, thank you, how about we try this...etc.....then they just ignore me. Then I try again, nicely, but a little stern adding in, c'mon guys, let's get this done so we can have some free time and play.....then it turns into please I do not want to yell at you guys and make you upset.....finally after about an hour or more of pleading I turn into maniac mom screaming and swearing! I am so ashamed. I have tried positive rewards like giving them puff balls to fill up their jar for a reward (ie: rent a movie, have game night, shoot mommy with a paint gun, ice cream, etc.) and it just hasn't taken. I have also delegated chores and that hasn't been working. Ideas?

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