At a lost for words. Please help

Lacey - posted on 11/11/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, My stepson recently moved in with my husband and I, Due to his bad behavior his mother can't handle. I was fine with this decision because I believed it's was the best for him to be around his Dad. Now my husband and I have been together for 5 years married for 1. My stepson was very disrespectful at the beginning of our relationship but alot had to do with his mother. ovet the years we have gotten closer and he tells me things he doesn't tell his parents mind you he just turned 13. Well today he said he had something to tell me and didn't want me to tell his Dad. When I asked what i never expected this to come out his mouth. He asked if i would have sex with him. After I went sick to my stomach i told him that wasn't right and y would he say that. He then asked to french kiss me I again said no. he then asked to grab my boob i told him i would break his hand. I was in outter disbelief. I treated him as my son now i feel i lost my child and akward around him. I told my husband right way. We both set down with him and talked to him and let him know this was not right and he crossed boundaries. I also have two younger daughters that I'm scared for now to be around him. If he has thoughts about me what would stop him from havinh those thoughts about his stepsisters. Please help I am so lost on what to do now. My husband thinks that our talk is the end of it. But i fear what his real mother might do if she finds out she is very vindictive and might turn this around to be my fault. Just confused on how to handle it now.


Michelle - posted on 11/12/2014




I would be making sure he isn't around you daughters on his own for starters.
I would also be getting him counselling as he obviously has some issues that need addressing.

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