At home day care suggestions for a concern father.

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my wife is looking to start a home day care, as we just recently found out that she is pregnant with our 5th child. she would like to start with just 3 ($75 a day total for all 3) kids now. she has been a stay home mom for 12 years and it is a comforting feeling that she takes good care of our kids.I don't want her to be too overwhelm with the daycare at same time. I started to read up on some of the info that they have on the Utah govt website on home daycare.

I realize that she has to do a lot of the work herself. as far as I know she would need a license to be able to watch that many kids, and the process sounds like a pain.if she is watching 3 kids for 8 hrs a day and 5 days a week for $25 a day. she would make $375 a week and just doesn't sound like its worth going through all the trouble of licensing process and having her watching 3 kids plus my daughter that is not in school yet, sounds like a lot of work for 1 person.

so I brought up the idea of hiring 3 part time employee to help her and up the number of kids to 10, in case she gets sick or have to do Dr. appointment and gives her a break and still be able to function with out getting burned out in the first week.

I figure if she hires 3 part time workers that she could pay them $10 hr for 20 hrs a week per person. That would be $600 she would have to pay out every week to the workers leaving her with $625 income per week and she is not killing her self. my other option is just tell her not to do it at all but she really wants to do something for her self and she loves kids and very knowledgeable.

I love my wife and would do anything for her,but I just might have to tell her no this time. we live in Utah and their is a High demand for day care here. I have done a lot of remodeling to our 3800 sqft homeup grades and lots of room to occupy 10-12 kids and all the room the kids needs and a separate kitchen for day care use.

Just want to know your opinions and open to any suggestions for pricing and anything else that would help us make the right move for.

Thank you in advance.


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