at my last doctors apointment 36 week check up. i found out that my daughter has decided to turn from head down to breech position. my doctor said that there is a way to be able to turn her if i decideor we can just schedule the c-section its my choice. i have looked into the possibility of turning her but I'm not sure what i want to do at this time I was wondering if i can get oppinions from others to help me decide what is best for me and my growing family.


Danielle - posted on 08/16/2012




I would say it depends on how many children you have, and have many more you plan to have.

My first was a breech, emergency c-section..
I am currently pregnant with my second, whom is also breech. It is very disappointing that because I have already had a section that I would not qualify for the doctors to manually turn the baby. As a result, I am forced to have another c-section in two weeks if the baby doesn't turn on its own. The doctors think it is very unlikely for him to turn because of my height, and the fact I already have a history of breech presentation.

I would say if you are planning on completing your family then it would be an decision to consider. Unfortunately, once you have one c-section it will greatly reduce your odds of finding a doctor to support the idea of VBAC for your next delivery.

If you decided to have a section, and you plan to have a big family, it will exponentially increase the risk of fertility issues (scaring on the uterus). Also, the more surgery you have to expand your family (if you are not a candidate for VBAC, or cannot find a doctor to support the decision) then it puts added risk for uterine infection, and rupture after each baby.

If the baby I am currently carrying now has to come by C-section that will be a deciding factor if we will continue to expand our family. There are to many risks involved in each subsequent pregnancy for it to be a logical decision for us to make.

Chaya - posted on 08/15/2012




An aversion is cheaper, and probably unnecessary. If you schedule one, chances are she'll right herself on her own.
However, she didn't decide to do it, it's just nature taking it's course.


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Beverly - posted on 08/17/2012




they haven't told me yet about a time frame but i have a list of questions to ask the ultrasound tech and my doctor at my appointment this monday. it all depends on her position on monday and a few other factors. this is going to be my 3rd child and probably my last and i count myself lucky to have had 2 perfect pregnancies if i do end up needing a c-section. My biggest fear is that if they try to turn her and my water breaks then it becomes an emergency c-section and in that case daddy can't be there to see her born and depending i might not be awake to see her either.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/15/2012




The baby still has time to turn. What time frame did he give you until he has to turn her manually? I hear that hurts quite a bit.

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