At my wits end

Carrington - posted on 02/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter will be three months on February 15 and for a week she would sleep from 8pm to 6am, however, for the past 3 days this has not been the case. She barely napping only one 3 hour nap and at night we have tried countless times to put her to bed drowsy but awake but she just cries and screams so we try to talk to her and console her in the crib which makes her even more angry. Right now she wants a bottle or pacifier or bottle to fall asleep and I am up every three hours feeding her because she cries like she is hungry even after being changed but only takes 1 ounce before she is asleep again and if I give her a pacifier she just spits it back out. We tried CIO for 30 minutes but it only escalated her crying to where she would only get quite so she could catch her breath. Right now she is only sleeping about 7 hours a day. I am so tired and really need some advice. She also has a bedtime and nap time routine

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