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Well thanks to all who sent me advise. It gave me something to think about and weather I made the right choice or wrong on how to handle this situation I really don't know. What it boiled down to is I did confront my daughter and she denied everything except smoking pot. She came up with excuse that smoking is better for her then taken her meds for depression. My husband and I have been good parents(we have made mistakes) but we have planted good seeds and hope and pray that she makes the right choice in life. I will continue to be a good mom and I will look at her Facebook and text messages and ride her about consequences. If that is what it takes to keep her on the right path that's what I'll do. Hopefully it won't bit me in the ass at the end. Uggggg


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Lisa - posted on 09/15/2016




You are doing the right thing mama. Keep lovin' your girl. I have three boys 19, 22, 23 and it is the hardest thing to let them go and let them make choices. Choices that will in the long run maybe not be the best. but they will learn, they will grow. Keep praying for her, keep interacting with her. Remember to communicate with her in her own love language. And try to transition your relationship into a friendship. A confidant that doesn't judge or control, but someone who is there no matter what. Hugs mama!

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Why would monitoring your minor child's online access bite you in the ass? It is called parenting. It isn't supposed to be easy!

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