At what age did many of the mothers out there send your child/ren to daycare?


Holly - posted on 02/05/2013




mine was a simple decision to make as it is for many mom's when you have to go back to work your kid goes to day care...

now if you DONT have to go back to work and you just CHOOSE to put your kid in day care... you have to make a ist of pros and cons of daycares...

-build up immune system (the child may come home at first with more boogy noses than you are used to, but it makes for a stronger immune system later)
-socialization (your child will learn to deal with other children on a daily basis... GREAT PRO)
-free time to yourself (you know at the end of the day dealing with your child 24/7 you need some time away)
-time to clean the house with out the baby creating another disaster right behind you

these are my pros, i am sure you can think of your own...

-time away from your precious baby (you know you will miss her)
-money (good day cars are expensive)
-trusting some one else with you kid (this is a hard one)
-bumps and bruises (they will happen at some point, maybe even another child might bite them, and it will piss you off, but make sure you realize that the day care provider can't be a helocopter for your child alone... when your baby learns to walk she/he will fall down and get bumps on their heads from walking into things)

these were my cons, but you can come up with your own as well


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