At what age did you switch from toddler bed to twin bed?

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My husband and I are really considering switching our 2 year old daughter from a toddler bed to a twin bed right now and I was wondering at what age did you do this? We are doing it for the simple reason that she rolls out of her bed and falls to the bars do not help. She refuses to sleep on the floor with her mattress.....yep first thing we tried when we first realized this was her problem.

I was talking to grandma about this and her comment to me was: "Like mother like daughter."

It seems that I was put into a twin bed by the time I was 3 because I did the same thing my daughter does....roll out of bed in the middle of the night.....sigh...she has even offered to help me with the transition from toddler bed to twin bed.

Now I'm off to find some sales/deals on twin beds and not the full room.....we already have the Dora the Explorer theme going on in her bedroom so all we need is a bed to fit into it.


Firebird - posted on 02/07/2010




My daughter was 4 when she was in a twin bed, but she never really fell out of bed. If your daughter seems to need more room to move while she sleeps then it's probably not a bad idea to put her in a twin bed. Just keep in mind though that a twin bed is a bit higher off the ground so she'll have farther to fall. Good luck. =)

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