At what age did your baby get their first tooth?

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My son was born almost 12 weeks premature. He is now 6 1/2 months old. (3 months adjusted) And he just got his first tooth coming in, he had been cranky for the last few weeks. And I went in to feel his gums and on the bottom he has a tooth that is in. The only thing that helps is for me to stick my finger in his mouth so he can bite on it. (which hurts like heck now, with that tooth there :) )
I had been told by Drs. and people that preemies normally get their first tooth in around 8 + month, adjusted age. But he is only 3 months adjusted. None of my older 2 babies got their first ones in until later on.

So just curious what age did your baby get their first tooth in? What did you do to help with the pain?


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Rebecca - posted on 02/02/2010




My son was 9 months before he got his first and then they came fast. My daughter was 4.5 months when she got 2. She's almost 7 months now and is getting her 3rd

Kelly - posted on 02/02/2010




My son got his first 2 teeth one day after the other at 3 months of age! He is now 6 months and had 4 more teeth come in just a few weeks ago. I know alot of people say that baby orajel doesn't work but for some reason it helped my son tremedously! There are two strengths of it. Daytime and nighttime formula. Daytime is only 7% vs nighttime which is 10%. I also used infants tylenol. Aside from him losing some interest in food for a few days he did well with the combination of the two meds. Good luck!

Krystal - posted on 02/02/2010




hi my son was teethin at 2 months and got his first 2 teeth at 3 months and its completely normal, babies can actually start teethin from birth up to 2-3 years, my son is now 9 months old and has 8 teeth and still teething like crazy, bonjela which is from 2 months plus helps and so does calprofen which is from 3 months plus helps. also givin him something cold to chew on will help him, like a cold teethin ring or a clean cold damp cloth. hope this helps. good luck and best wishes:)

Sandi - posted on 02/02/2010




He must look extra cute being so small with one little gnasher! I've heard about baby's having teeth when born or getting them at 3months but never heard it first hand.

That proud, 'knowing' butterfly feeling is lovely. If I were you I'd go as far as being smug about it! lol.

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I am suppose to go by adjusted age. So he is still on just formula. But ya, his is also the bottom right one. When he first started getting cranky, which is so not like him. I told everyone, even my mom, that he was teething. But everyone thought I was crazy. Now that it has come in I feel justified and happy that I know my babies moods.

Sandi - posted on 02/02/2010




Wow 3 months, that is early.

My little pudding got her bottom right tooth at 5 1/2months. I had no idea she was teething until she bit the quick on my pink and drew blood :D Our pharmacist told us to try Ambesol liquid. It worked/works a treat.

I also gave her bread sticks to munch on for her next 6 teeth and got one of those safe feeder net things and put a frozen baby carrot in it for her to gnaw. Is your baby anywhere near eating solids yet? Do you go by the date he was born or his adjusted age for milestones like the amount to feed or starting solids?


Sandi x

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