at what age do babies begin to teeth?

Shannon - posted on 06/08/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my daughter is 8 wks and has been unusually fussy the past few days. i think it has something to do with gas but i have also notice her drooling now and several times today she's had little spit bubbles. I've heard that babies drool when there teething but does the fact that she's drooling mean that she is teething.


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Kellie - posted on 06/08/2011




from the research i've done teething is genetic, so when the parents teethed is generally when the baby will teeth (at least this is what I've found out through researching anyways).

Louise - posted on 06/08/2011




Babies can teeth at any age. Normally about 5 months onwards but saying that some babies are born with teeth. My daughter did not teeth until she was 13 months old!

Look for signs of chewing things all the time. Red cheeks and grouchy. Rub your finger around her gums and see if you can feel anything. If you can apply some gel or get some herbal camamile crystals from the chemist these soothe the baby and sort out the pain.

Amber - posted on 06/08/2011




It doesn't necessarily mean she is teething, but it doesn't mean she isn't either. One of my step-dad's nephews was born with a tooth. So, every baby is different. You can try cold teethers and see if it helps if you think it's a possibility.

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