At what age should i take the dummy away from my baby? She is 18 months old now.


Michelle - posted on 02/20/2015




When you are ready. I took mine away from my daughter at around 3 and she gave it to the dummy fairy.
My 2nd son had his till around the same age and my 1st one spat it out himself at 8 months.
I would aim to have it well and truly gone before Kindy so you don't have a regression with the big change.


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Sarah - posted on 02/20/2015




I would start limiting it now this way her mouth and her speech is not affected. So start by only allowing it at nap and bedtime. Then by time she is 2 yrs old then take it away completely. Amazingly it tends to be easier than you think it will be not matter the attachment. What I did with mine is to cut the tip of the pacifier and then gave it back to them. This allowed them to make the decision on if they wanted it still even though it was cut or if they did not want it. One of mine kept hers for a couple months. She ended up getting a chap chin due to the drool. All I had to do was say if she did not have her pacifier her chin would feel better. That night it was gone and she never looked back. My other one had it the first night it was cut. Second night she had it while we did our bedtime routine and then gave it to me when I laid her down. Third night she did not want it at all. That was it. No issues, no fights, no crying, no waking up in the middle of the night wanting it.

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