At what age should you take a baby off the bottle?

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At What age should you take your one year old off the bottle?
What foods are you serving your one year old for all meals?
How do you discipline your one year old?


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Most doctors will recommend baby be off the bottle at 12 months. Some babies are off before 12 months. I would say if your son is over 12 months I would start working on weaning him off. Also always brush teeth before bed with no milk afterwards....can cause teeth to rot no matter if it is in a bottle or sippy. Kids should usually be on a cup by the age of 3 yrs old.....and some are ready for regular cups at 2 yrs old. Sippy cups are just a learning tool for kids as they transition from bottle to regular cup.

As far as foods.....pretty much anything you eat your 1 yr old should be able to eat. Break it up into bite size pieces. Fruits and veggies are the best foods to serve, but also make sure he is getting enough meats in his diet too. As many kids his age some days he is going to eat a ton and other days he will hardly eat. How much he eats is not as important as to what he is just make sure you are always offering healthy foods. If you offer only healthy foods then you know he will be getting the nutrients he needs.

Discipline for a 12-15/18 months is going to be lots of firm "no's" and removing him from the situation. Distraction is also a good tool. By time he is 18-24 months you can start doing time outs along with the firm "no's" and removing.

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