At what point is it ok to ask for help?

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I've been out from work since May = with some severe Mental Health Iissues. I was in the hosptial for over a month and received several ECT sessions both in and out patient. I found out yesterday that my Long Term Disabiity was approved (thru my now former) employer. As you noticed I say former. I got the call today from my work that they're dismissing me as i've been out 6 months. Now I don't feel any emnity towards them because I know it's how it works in the world. So what this means is that I'm losing my health insurance effective 12/3112.

My LTD pmts start next week and the gross payment is almost what I made net from work. I am utterly lost on trying to find medical coverage. I don't make enough to pay for COBRA but I make too much for Family Health Plus which is a step up from Medicaid in NY.

I always see the Salvation Army and the other charitable organizations giving people aid at holiday times but when do you say help.? I feel no good for asking for help when my income is more than some people. I just don't know. I know I am prideful in not wanting charity help but I'm going to end up needing it if I do pay for COBRA. It's not my fault - i WANT TO WORK! I was very good at my job and have never not worked since I was 18.

AT what point does pride have to be non-existant and you go for help?


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I agree. When you need help, ask. It is more honorable to ask, and know when you need it rather than be in denial. I think it takes an extremely strong person to admit when they need help. We are not in the best situation right now, so I understand where you are coming from. It is scary in this big bad world, but if you can ask for help, do.


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You don't have to lose your pride to ask for help Jen :( Everyone needs some help sometimes.Use the help and get back on your feet.

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