at whay age do i give my son rice formula to keep him full and sleep longer


Sarah - posted on 03/15/2015




Rice cereal is not going to make baby sleep longer. At 6 months you can give rice cereal by SPOON ONLY. You NEVER want to put rice cereal in the bottle. Baby food including rice cereal has no nutritional value for a baby......all their nutrition they need for proper brain development and growth comes from their formula. Baby food and rice cereal is given when a baby is 6 months old for them to learn how to eat from a spoon and to learn different textures.

A baby will sleep longer as they grow. When they are little their tummies are small. They are unable to store much food (milk) in them due to this thus needing to eat more often to get the proper nutrition. As a baby grows so does their stomach and the ability to store more milk and thus drinking more and feeding less often.

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