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Im raising a 10 yrold Granson . No mom in the picture .. prob worse when dad shows up . He's getting very lippy anymore .. I go threw hell if I tell him NO to anything


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Dove - posted on 01/21/2015




Attitude is pretty normal at 10. Not acceptable, but perfectly normal. Just stay firm and consistent and let him know that you will not listen when he is giving you attitude. Period. You will discuss the situation when he can speak to you in a respectable manner... and make sure you are speaking to him respectfully as well.

Jodi - posted on 01/19/2015




Seriously Sonia? The child is 10. Call 911? ANd no, I also don't advocate smacking him. That just teaches a child that violence is ok.

Alice, what consequences do you currently have in place for when he is speaking to you like this? He needs consistent, ongoing consequences, such as grounding, removing privileges (TV, games - consider what his "currency" is and use it). But you need to be really consistent with it. Make sure he has chores to do around the house. Reward his behaviour when he is good (eg. if he has been polite and respectful all week you might randomly just let him know you have been so happy with his behaviour this week and how respectful he has been, you thought he might like to go and see a movie).

Sonia - posted on 01/19/2015




You can take him to a therapist and don't let him give you cheek! Smack him and send him to his room make him feel scared of you when he does the wrong thing. If things get violent call the police on 911. Never let him win the situation.

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