Aubrey was three in September. she does really well going pee-pee, but she won't go to the potty to poo-poo. anyone have any suggestions. Her mom wants to put her in daycare and this could be a problem.


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Dee Ann - posted on 02/17/2012




My daughter was the same way when it came to pooping on the potty. She would ask for a diaper when she needed to go. This told me she knew what it felt like when her body needed to poop. So I just told her that there where no more diapers, that they had all gone bye bye! That if she needed to go poop she had the option of the big potty or the little potty ( toddler training potty). She had a few accidents, and she would also run around in circles (literally) saying "mom I have to go poop it's going to come out but I don't want to use the potty!". So I just would give her the option of big or little potty. She would choose the little one at first then she decided she would go on the big one. This is what worked for us. We also did LOTS of praise and excitement around her using the potty to poop! We even made up a song! High fives and hugs were on the list too. It just takes time! Good luck.

Bonnie - posted on 02/16/2012




Honestly, I don't see how daycare could be a problem. Any daycare I have heard of either changes diapers or toilet trains. She shouldn't be pressured as it could take her longer to fully train, but at the same time, she needs to be fully trained in order to start kindergarten (whenever that may be). Some kids just take longer than others.

Do you know if her mom has tried putting her in regular underwear to see what would happen. I know regular underwear helped with my boys. When she is at home, keeping her naked from the waist down may help as well.

Racheal - posted on 02/16/2012




I really dont know. Could be. My daughter wouldnt go Poo poo either then I kept telling her that the big go potty and that it was nasty and stinky and she wanted to be a big girl. Now she is fully trained

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