Austims /asperger

LATISHA - posted on 09/26/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was born with Austims ,He was also dealth and one ear and could not talk .the doctor said he might not ever talk.After blaming my self thinking i did something wrong during my 42 weeks of carry him i don't drink or smoke i just kept beating my self up,until one day i just move to another state and my child went into his grandma room and i know it was no kids there but us.So a clear sweet voice i heard do you have any kids,hey grandma dean which the name was Jean he was trying to say so i ask who talking and your room she said nobody but my grand son i said he don't talk he was about 5 years of age she said while there is no one here but us three,so he came out writing he wrote very well spell very well he said mommy i was not ready yet,Wow i could not believe my ears nor my eyes i said what you said he repeated i was not ready yet.Some times it takes a move to get moderation .Well now i am facing another he has Asperger and how do i get around this with him he very smart loving but always looking sad ,he don't like going no where but school and back no friends,he don't like to talk to me he always say every thing is okay and i know it's not,Just took him to see the doctor in we both notice he had been hurting his self he have cuts on both arms on the muscle area it don't look kool but i need to know can it be treated to go away ,I don't like to see my son going through this by his self he goes to college next year and i don't know what to do he want to live on campus i think it's a bad ideal .I love my baby i would not live with my self if any thing happen to him .I told him community college is best for him right now,but he's very worry about Asperger. What do i say ? can this be treated.Some one please help me thank you and god bless.

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