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My 26 month old son won't speak. Has 5 words mum, dad ( which he uses selectively ) Tanku and yes. He shakes his head for no and understands everything I say. Has no sleep pattern , refuses to disengage himself from me even though he goes to nursery .please help I'm a paeds nurse and know seething is wrong !


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Yes, ask for a speech evaluation through your area's Early Intervention Program, which covers him until age three. They will first check his hearing and then a full speech evaluation.
My son at 21 months had four words that we could only solicit him to say: mama, dog, yes and no. He did lots of pointing and whining. I did start signing with him. The basics of stop, share, more, all done and please and thank you. Everyone said "he's your third, he doesn't need to talk". I am so glad I sought therapy. He did speech therapy three days a week for nine months and completely closed the gap. I am glad I acted when I did, rather then wait and have him get to school and the teacher say, "if only you'd started sooner" Ask yourself; Will I regret seeking answers now? If the answer to that is no, then do it. If nothing is wrong, then you will know sooner rather than later. No harm to be done in the mean time, right? If you live outside the US, ask his doctor for a speech and hearing assessment.

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