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My 17 month old boy can say momma,dadda,no,good,it's done, hey and sometimes dog.he says it's done when he's done eating or when the microwave beeps. He knows how to sit and play ball with me and he loves me to read to him. He knows the sounds for coyote and pig. He can point to my mouth and his belly button. At 14 months he waved bye bye a couple times but has not since, he does not point to things he wants but will reach for it. I never pointed much but since showing him in the past 2 weeks he has started to point At pictures he likes. He is always smiling, and today he started hugging and kissing his stuffed animals. He loves to play peekaboo, hide and seek and imitates my facial expressions and noises. He is always coming to me for hugs and does not blow kisses but he will make the kissy sounds and face. He listens well too. He has good eye contact. My concern is him not pointing to what he wants or waving bye bye. Does it sound like autism?


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