Autism : How do you know if your child has this condition ?

Christine - posted on 07/07/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My grandson is driving my daughter crazy, she has a new born and her 3 year old Everett is acting out..yelling scratching, pinching, crying, we don't leave him alone with newborn for fear he might hit him yes this may sound normal, but these actions he also does is causing concern.. Everett breaks everything, he has a bat for baseball and he has started banging his toy box with it, he has cars of all sizes he has been putting them on their sides and forming a line or a circular form, he can't seem to follow directions and has begun to mimic us when he is scolded..there is more but from this brief I over diagnosing my grandson..:(


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Kayla - posted on 07/08/2014




Sounds like he is acting out because of the new baby. He has had everyones full attention for 3 years, and now he doesn't know how to share it.

Sarah - posted on 07/08/2014




The only way to know is to have him tested. His mother can talk to his doctor and he can direct her to where they do testing. One word of caution is that autism is the new "disorder" that people tend to jump to. If these are actions that just started recently then I would say it is not autism. You have to look at all things involved recent changes, how parents are parenting, the amount of attention the child needs, etc. In much of your description there are many things that could be causing the behaviors. For the actions with the newborn that could be jealousy, the hitting things with the bat could be parenting.....bat should be put away unless being used with a ball outside. Forming lines with things is a normal behavior and actually a good developmental tool. Following direction and mimicking can lead back to parenting. A 3 yr old is going to test the limits and if a parent does not follow through then a child knows that he does not have to follow directions. That also goes with mimicking part of that could be testing the limits. Mimicking can also be a way of learning, so some of that is going to depend on where he is developmentally. The best thing is to talk to the child's doctor with the concerns and then go from there.

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