autism or adhd or both?

Samantha - posted on 02/25/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi, my son had been diagnosed as autism and he was very impulsive and unable to pay attention in work. He is currently undergo ABA Therapy but still always throwing tantrums, kicking and hitting people when thing not going his way. I'm suspected will he has ADHD too? Kindly advice. thank you.


Ev - posted on 02/25/2016




Only a doctor can determine if he has ADHD or not. None of us here are doctors nor do we have any of his history medically speaking and we do not need to know either. Posting it here would put your personal information out there and make it known to the world. What to the people who have him for therapy say? How mild, moderate, or sever is his Autism? I do know that depending on Autism levels or spectrums, that a child needs a consistent routine that is the same each day while others might be able to go with the flow of the day. Some are impulsive and others are reclusive. Some are very verbal (not always words) and others very quiet. some have fits including kicking, hitting and screaming and others do not. But just from your descriptions alone I can not tell you what he has or how to go about getting it under control. You need to go back to his doctor, the therapists, and even the place he was diagnosed and get their help.

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