Autism or normal?

Amna - posted on 08/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is two yr old and I suspect he has autism..he doesn't look people in the eye..he does not respond to his name...he is not very social with other kids and prefers to play alone..he knows all his alphabets and counts 1 - 12 and 1 - 10 backwards but does not join two words together.. He identifies animals and colors and even shapes but doesn't talk otherwise part from babbling and singing abc's and numbers...and since he doesn't make any eye contact he hardly follows any instructions...he doesn't like meeting new people either and does not like crowded places.."otherwise he is quite independent, he comunicates what he wants with gestures n broken words' is expressive, does pretend play with kitchen toy appliances and tool box, build buildings out of blocks n cups..while playing on his iPad f someone tries to distract him he doesn't look at them. Ur simply removes their hand without looking and sometimes takes their hand and pulls them to the other end of the room and leaves them there n goes back to play on his iPad without looking at them inthe eye!Can someone pls let me know if thisisnorml or signs of autism


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Amna - posted on 08/19/2012




my son doesnt have the typical autisim traits, my only concern is him not making eye contact which results him in not following instructions..and since he has just started pre nursery now it will pose a big problem if he does not follow the instructions of his teacher.
ans yes delayed speech, he is 2 years now and still not joining words together.. the only thing he is consistent in is repeating his repeating his numbers and alphabets, again and again and again.. he just keep singing and counting them.
otherwise he does not flap his hands, line up toys etc..
i think as well that it must be a mild version of autism.. the sooner he is diagnosed the better i will feel so i can start giving him the support and help he needs..thank you once again

Bernie - posted on 08/17/2012




We started getting worried about our son as he didn't starts walking till 2 months before his second birthday.
He was meant to go to hospital in Feb 2011 to see a Paediatrician but we ended up almost being delayed because of the big earthquake.

Our son has been diagnosed with probable autism. He flaps his hands when he is excited.he displays the typical signs of autism however he isn't like most autistic children, he doesn't always line up his toys, he has the concentration of a 6 year old normal boy (he is only 4), if he wants something and he can't get it, he comes and gets you by his hand.
He is also non verbal.

Try learning and teaching your child basic sign language, we have found this helps.

And find a good therapy programme.

Amna - posted on 08/17/2012




Thank you so much!
Yes I will get this evaluated..will have to look for a suitable institute to approach...
I just want to have a final diagnosis so I may tackle the problem accordingly... Thank you once again for your help...

Danielle - posted on 08/16/2012




I would look into getting your child evaluated for Autism.

My 4 year old is Autistic, and he regressed around the 18 month mark.

He knew his colours, numbers, body parts and more... but after 18 months he started to withdraw into himself. He stopped waving to people, stopped responding to his name, stopped making eye contact,ect. He would also throw violent tantrums if someone he didn't know approached him, or even addressed him. He would hit himself in the face, and scream.

Your child maybe showing signs of a lesser form of Autism like PDD-NOS. Where he fits into many categories of Autism, but not to a very severe level. (Of course I can not assume, as I do not personally know your child).

I would look into getting an evaluation regardless. With Autism, early intervention is KEY to helping your child! If you have him checked and they think he's atypical then at least it was something you looked into. It could take very long to get him into seeing anyone, depending on where you live, as well.

With our son, we started with an ENT (Ear specialist) to check if it could be his hearing. Then we had him assessed by a Speech pathologist, and then finally an OT (Occupational/ Sensory therapist). From then they could determine that his ears were not an issue, but he was severely delayed in his Speech, and showed signs of Sensory input issues.

It was from that point where we were referred to another specialist to set our son up in a program where he would be evaluated by a group of 4 professionals (OT, SP, BS, PSYCH) in a classroom setting with 7 other delayed children. It was a comprehensive, play based structure where each professional would observe each child individually, and in the group setting.

The program lasted us 6 weeks, and in the end we received a document of a final diagnosis of Autism.

From start to finish it took us almost 2.5 years to get to the point where we had answers.

It has helped us greatly. With an official diagnosis our son will now be allotted an Aid for his classroom specifically for his needs, which is something he would not have been able to have without a diagnosis.

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