Autistic teenage daughter has trouble w/ social skills

Mary - posted on 03/08/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is almost 14 and has trouble keeping friends. She likes reading, fashion, pop culture that lots of other teenagers are into. The main problem is that she may not know how to answer someone else's questions appropriately or may stop talking suddenly because she doesn't know what to say or feels very awkward. Kids at her high school give her strange looks when they see her in class, in the hallways, elsewhere, etc. She has no trouble making friends at first as she can keep the conversations going for a while but the other kids have stopped being her friend as they started noticing something different about her. My daughter is good at school subjects and can speak fluently in English and in our native Chinese language. (She grew up speaking both languages). She has been bullied last year and before then for being different, but now she's in high school and I worry that she may have a hard time throughout her high school years if she doesn't know how to make any friends, especially if high school starts at 8th grade in our territory and she may also not be as mature as other high school students. Any ideas? A group of girls at her school laugh at her when she's around because they have seen her hand-flapping, her social awkwardness, her inappropriate responses at certain times, etc.


Sarah - posted on 03/09/2016




If she is a large school there must be other kids on the spectrum that she can spend time with socially. My niece and nephew both are ASD and neither one has friends, they both play in the marching band and get along with their peers. However, neither one desires to have close friends. They are perfectly content in their solitude.

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