Awful custody battle any advice? please help!

Sarah - posted on 04/24/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am 21 years old and I have a 2 year old son. I have done everything for him since the day he was born i fed him, woke up with him, changed diapers, paid for everything. Then me and my ex split up when he was 14 months old. I am now dating a guy who has 2 boys who are 3 and 5 he takes care of them the mom is not in the picture. We live together, work, I go to school, and take care of our kids. My son would go to my ex's moms Tuesday night to Thursday night so he could spend time there and she could watch him while I work because my ex lives with his mother. When my son is there I see my ex out all over the place with his friends instead of being there for the little time he gets with him. My ex hates my new bf because they were sort of friends before and has made up nasty lies about me from the start he even admitted to me that he was telling lies to people because he angry I was dating him. My ex's mom does everything watches him, feeds him, bathes him and my ex only plays with him when he feels like it. She pays for my sons food for their he only pays for diapers for their house because I told him I am not supplying their house to with the $50 a week he gives me. My parent's don't like my bf because he has a past with drugs, far in the past before he had kids. Now they have sent Child protective services to our house claiming we have a meth lab, my bf gets violent when angry (we rarely even fight), and we abuse our kids, and there is drug use in the house. We don't even use drugs we passed our drug tests on the spot, we had child protective services inspect our home, we obviously don't have a meth lab in our home. Our house is a nice home. My ex went to the court and got temporary custody and I have to ask permission to visit my son and we have a court date in June. They got a order of protection against my bf. My son has never been so much as spanked ever. I am a wreck I am being falsely accused of so many things and I am terrified that I am going to lose my baby over false accusations. I have no idea what to do. The grandparents know that if my ex gets custody it wont be him that takes care of him and they will be able to have him all the time so they are backing him. Both grandmothers have always bullied me into letting them see my son whenever they want.

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