Awful custody battle on it's way. Can someone please give me advise?

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I am going to be entering a gruesome custody battle. My fiancé and I have been having issues. After a huge altercation he convinces me not to leave him by suggesting we go to counseling and work things out for the baby's sake. The next day, I make a trip to the grocery store to pick up some items for dinner and leave the baby with him at our house. When i'm at the cashier I realize my bank card is missing. I immediately know something is wrong and rush home right away. Sure enough he's gone and so is my 8 month old son! I panic, call him; no answer. I go to the police station and they tell me there's nothing they can do without a court order because he's the father. Next day rolls around and I am able to get money out of our account and go see a lawyer only to find out he's already been to a lawyer and put a restraining order on me. I also find out he's making me out to seem like some drug addict/alchoholic. I feel like i'm living a nightmare! I've seen this in movies but never thought this would happen to me. He finally sends me a text saying "I'm sorry I had to do this but you've made it perfectly clear that you would want full custody and I am not going to be just a weekend dad" I should have known better because he pulled the same stunt with his ex and WON custody of their daughter (made her out to be an adulteress neglectful parent) I even believed his lies when I met him but now i'm sure she was screwed over just like me. He's a DEA agent and knows the law well so i'm worried that he's got the law on his side. I tried reaching his ex hoping she might help me but I have gotten no response.My lawyer is working out a 50/50 agreement until a custody hearing. Does anybody have any advise? I feel like i'm going to fall apart if I don't my son back and I can't even imagine him getting full custody of him after this. Who has the heart to pull a child away from ANYONE in that manner?


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Oh my! I'm so sorry you are going through this. I could only imagine the turmoil you are dealing with now. I say you should AT LEAST be able to have supervised visitations until the court date. My advice is to document everything and SAVE EVERYTHING, especially text messages. They could be used in court. He should definitely get punished if he makes false accusations in court of you being an unfit parent and it's proven in court you aren't. Hopefully he lets up and agrees to at least let you see your son before the court date. Eight months is a very young age for a baby to be ripped away from his mother.

I pray everything will work out okay, especially for the sake of your son.

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