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Heres my story. I was with my daughters father for 4 years. last year when my daughter turned 2 he cheated on me. WORST DECISION HE MADE ! Ever since then i admit ive been harrassing him. I cant help it. It makes me furious to know hes happy wiith her. He even ended up calling the police on me and putting me in jail for a day. I feel like im loosing my mind slowly. Ive downgraded myself to the point that i would sleep with him "just to be around him". months passed by and the chick got tired of all the drame with me and left him for HER BABY DADDY. then he decided to get back with me. I accepted. we only lasted maybe 1 month and a half. I left him because he still had feelings for the other chick. I didn't care. NOW he tells me he wants to have a girl but is afraid im going to give him a hard time again. I STILL LOVE HIM. but i just can't look a fool chasing him. its not fair for my daughter to have her mom constantly chasing daddy. i feel like a horrible mom and i adore my lil girl. I just dont know how to feel. Its really sad how low have ive gone for this guy. He have even abused me fisically and mentally. He started hitting me when i was pregnant. Hes an amazing dad. and i feel like hes stealing my lil girl away from me. i dont want her going to his house anymore because last time he would take MY DAUGHTER to that other girls house. We even went to court, he has visitation rights. IDK what to do anymore. i feel like im obsessed ............


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suonds like baby mamma drama... not baby daddy drama... take a cold shower woman... no man's d!c# is worth that.... get some counseling... wake up... snap out of it.... i mean come on, you have been to jail over it... you have made him lose his lady whom he is in love with. you are grabbing frantically and taking everyone that you can grab down with you

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First, you need to let him move on. When you talk to him, only discuss your daughter. Nothing else.

Second, you need to stop stalking and harassing him. Just from what I've read, you are making yourself crazy. And honestly, you are making others think you are bat shit crazy.

Third, why would you want to be with a person that was abusive to you? That type of relationship is not healthy and just isn't worth it.

And lastly, where he takes his daughter on his time is none of your business. Unless she is being abused, there's nothing you can really do about it. Not trying to be mean, just being honest with you.


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