Babies eye contact at 6 months

Sharmila - posted on 11/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi I am a mom of a 6 month old beautiful girl. She is now 6 months and 10 days. I am getting very concerned about her eye contact after reading about research on autism that babies later can develop autism who had less eye contact in infancy. She has been growing fine otherwise we feel except she will not give us eye contact when we hold her close up. She looks at us when changing diaper, high chair, sitting and playing on bed or on floor. Although these eye contacts are for a few seconds not for a a longer time. She is also noticing things around her like if we enter the room she will look at us, we call her name she will look at us but again not all the time. She like exploring things by touching her toys and feeling everything. She notices carefully at what I am doing when I am holding her and doing something in the kitchen. She smiles when we try to make her smile but I have seen she doesn't do this all the time especially when she is tired or hungry or in a different mood. Last week I introduced puried food and she is enjoying it. She eats everything. No fuss about it. I introduced sippy cup and she drank water from it first time with my help. I was holding it. I left the cup to see if she can pick up and put it in her mouth or she makes the connection that she had it before and it was suppose to go in mouth. She did figure out in about 10 mins how to hold and drink not the best hold but she can hold nearly well with two hands and she put it in her mouth. She was able to drink although she got all her clothes wet. I am concerned about her eye contact since there is no close up eye contact. Can you please help me or provide you experience and outcome if my story sounds very similar to you.


Sarah - posted on 11/12/2013




My best advise to you would be to relax and enjoy your baby. The information about the eye contact has actually be around for several years. It is something to be aware of, but not to over-analyse. If she is meeting her milestones and developing at a good rate then there is nothing to worry about. If she was having issues with milestones and behind on her development then it would be something to look into further. Just like many different mental health issues we could all self diagnose ourselves with multiple problems but in reality the majority of us are just fine. For example: I like things clean and organized. That can be a sign of OCD......but I don't have OCD.

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