Baby a late bloomer?

Sarah - posted on 06/12/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My lo turned 5 months old last week. She has a hearing impairment, which we are working through , but otherwise seems healthy. She smiled and cooed on time and is very socially appropriate. Hasn't belly laughed yet just a sequel and sorts of a haaaahaaa. Makes wonderful eye contact. However, she seems slower in meeting other milestones. She hates tummy time, at 2.5 months figured out how to roll from belly to back to avoid it. Finally lost head lag just over 4 months but still needs support at rib level when sitting and head wobbles sometimes then. She hasn't rolled from back to belly yet, but recently rolled to her side. She brings hands to midline and sucks on her hands. She will grasp a link or small toy when you pass it to her, may mouth it for a few secs but drops it. She likes looking at toys on gym but doesn't play with them. Hates bumbo, arches back, forget the jumperoo. Wonder if she is more visual as she just seems to watch what's going in around her due her hearing issue ? I jk that my 3 year old walked out if the womb, she was crazy advanced in all areas. Hard not to compare but I'm starting to worry. Saw a ped 2 weeks ago who gave her a good examination and who isn't concerned at this point. Any other mommy shave late bloomers?

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