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Janette - posted on 05/15/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




My 6 week old son has lots of gas and is very difficult to burp, he also suffers from bad reflux, we have tried positioning etc to help with the reflux, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with baby bottles they can recommend to lessen the gas and reflux if possible. Right now I am breast feeding, but if something else will help, I will certainly try it to make my son feel better. Thank you!


Jami - posted on 05/16/2009




i used the dr.brown bottles with both of my son I loved them I also had both of my son switched to soy formula instead of milk based that helped alot good luck I know how horrible the gas is

Stacey - posted on 05/15/2009




When my son was about 3 months old i had to stop breastfeeding him because my milk didn't have the nutrients to help him gain wight so he was losing it rather than putting it on so i had to switch him to bottles. He also suffered from bad reflux my pediatrician suggested a baby formula called Karicare Ar its a thickened baby formulas designed specifically for babies who have reflux issues i found it worked really well for him. He still had the occasional reflux moment but it was never as bad. Hope this helps you


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Kaija - posted on 04/16/2016




For reflux and gas pain, I have used babies magic tea with great results. I am a BF mom and was also using this tea myself aside from giving directly to my one month old baby.

Sabrina - posted on 05/16/2009




My daughter also had really bad reflux. I was breastfeding but i couldn't produce enough milk to keep up with her demand. So I started giving her formula we used enfamil AR. It has rice starch added to it to make it thick. We used the soothie bottles. But if you want you can pump and add a little rice cereal to it to thicken it up. My dr recommended that but I couldnt produce enough. Good luck.

Deborah - posted on 05/16/2009




Dr. Browns Bottles are the best, my daughter had reflux, she was on meds for the first 9 months and we tried all kinds of bottles but dr. browns worked the best, i used them with my son as well and i highly recommend them, they are a bit more expensive then the regular bottle, but they really do work!

Cathy - posted on 05/16/2009




hi ask ur health visitor about using gaviscon. my 2 boys had really bad reflux and it healped with theres. dr browns bottles are supposed to be good.

Gemma - posted on 05/15/2009




My sister-in-law used Dr Brown bottles for there son and they worked. Good Luck.

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breastfeeding is actually the best thing for him. I unfortunately took bad advice from my pediatrician and stopped breastfeedding. Platex drop-ins system works well, however any bottle will make babies with reflux worse and suck in much more air. The only thing you can do is burp your son more frequently and you can try OTC gas drops, or Gripe water which is more alternative.

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