Baby boy isn't standing

Aruna - posted on 06/06/2015 ( 7 moms have responded )




My baby boy is 10 months old and he is not crawling or standing straightly by himself. I am so worried about my boy.


Mary - posted on 06/09/2015




My nephew is a year old and he still doesn't walk nor does he stand up very long on his own. I'm sure he is fine. However, if you are still concerned by his next checkup ask your doctor and see what s/he suggest.


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Andrea - posted on 06/09/2015




I totally agree with the previous 4 commenters, and besides, 10 months is definitely on the young side for actually walking anyway. Some babies don't like to crawl either - 2 out of my 3 only crawled for like a month before walking. So like others said, hopefully you have a regular FP or MD who sees your son and if they are not worried about his development then you should not be either. There are some "pre-crawling" and "pre-walking" signs that you should look out for, though - if you see your little guy doing any of these, feel comforted that he is probably well on his way to more mobile days: You mentioned he "doesn't stand straightly" - but does that mean he DOES pull himself up at least a little, even onto his knees, against furniture or your leg, etc.? That is a good sign he's getting ready to walk. Another common sign would be him getting on "all fours" (knees and hands) and rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Yet another sign - does he ever get on all fours, then straighten his legs so he's on his feet and hands, even briefly? There are probably other signs I can't remember but unless he has some previously diagnosed muscle condition, or has never been seen by any doctor, I see no reason to fret.

K - posted on 06/08/2015




It's very hard not to compare at times but I agree with previous post. If your child's MD isn't worried then that should give u some relief. All babies cross those milestones at different times. Try not to stress. He will when he's ready:)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/08/2015




My son never crawled at all. One day at about 14 months, he just stood up and walked. No need to fret. Milestones are just a guide to help you along, and know what to expect. They are not written in stone. Every child develops at a different pace, walk, talk, and crawl at different months.

Ev - posted on 06/07/2015




My grandson is over the age of one and prefers to crawl instead of try to walk. He will get there when he is ready.

Michelle - posted on 06/06/2015




If your doctors aren't concerned with his development then you shouldn't be.
Don't compare your child to others, he will do things when he is ready and not before.

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