Baby can't put himself back to sleep at night - HELP!

Banshee - posted on 03/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My little boy is 6 months old and he can't put himself back to sleep on his own. He cries every time he wakes up (every couple of hours) and will only sleep after a breastfeed or sometimes after a lot of rocking in my arms. My partner and I have taken it in turns to put him back to sleep, sometimes we let him sleep in the pram. I've tried everything from pick up/put down, feeding him extra in the day, having a regular sleep ritual, lots of daytime body contact, lights on/off, nightlight, music. I even tried the crying method where I came back every so often and patted his back, etc but it didn't seem like he would ever stop crying and I got so distressed, the second night his voice got hoarse from crying for over an hour so I abandoned the idea completely. I also tried making his cot a place of happy associations by decorating it with happy images and friendly colours and playing with him in it a little.
Occasionally I can just pop his pacifier in his mouth and he will continue sleeping for a few hours but ideally I would like to stop having to get up regularly throughout the night and actually get a decent sleep for once.
Has anyone had a similar problem? Is there something I am missing?


Chet - posted on 03/05/2014




We have four kids. They're older now, the youngest is 4. I just nursed them all back to sleep at night. I found that if I could get to them before they got worked up and were fully awake it would only take a couple of minutes. The just grew out of the night waking. Honestly, I found 8 to 12 months the worst... with teething and big developmental bursts interrupting sleep.

The human race evolved with mothers and babies sleeping together. It's natural for a baby to want to interact with it's mother during the night.

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